Certification, Notarization, Confirmation

Authentication of copies
The German Institute is authenticate (certify as a true copy) the copy of an original document for use in Germany. The authentication process requires that you submit/present to us the original document along with the copy/copies that you wish to have certified. The fee ranges between
minimum 10 Euro for authentication of a document in German or in a foreign language using Latin characters and
minimum 15 Euro for authentication of a document in a foreign language not using Latin characters (e.g. Taiwanese, Chinese, etc).  
The fee is charged in NTD/TWD according to the daily exchange, the German Institute only accepts cash payments.

Authentication of a Signature
The German Institute Taipei is also entitled to authenticate signatures on document for legal use in Germany. By authenticating signature, the officer legally confirms that the document was signed in the presence of an authorized official. Therefore all documents must either be signed in front of the officer or the signature has to be acknowledged in his/her presence.
The fee for the signature authentication depends on the value of the legal transaction for which the document is needed. The fees range between Euro 20,00 and Euro 250,00. Fees are charged in NTD/TWD according to the daily exchange and the German Institute only accepts cash payments. You are required to show passport.

Full notarization/Public Attestation
Under German law, some few legal transactions require a full notarization/public attestation instead of a signature authentication (e.g. irrevocable power of attorney, contract for selling real estate, acknowledgment of paternity, application for a certificate of inheritance). In Germany, formally appointed and officially accredited notaries (Notar) and certain court officials perform these legal services.
Please contact the German Institute by e-mail if a full notarization is requested. Please note that our German staff in Taipei is allowed to perform only specific types of notarizations. We cannot offer the full range of notarization services performed by a notary (Notar) in Germany.

Confirmation / Letter “To whom it may concern”
If you require a confirmation letter (e.g. confirmation of residence) by the German Institute please contact our office in advance to inquire if the letter can be issued and if so, which supporting documentation is required.


see separate information on legalization