Range of consular services

Legal Services - what we can do for you

The German Institute offers legal support and advice to all German citizens living in Taiwan. Its service includes assistance to German citizens in distress as well as preparations to deal with natural disasters and other crises.

The legal department of the German Institute issues passports for German citizens living in Taiwan and provides limited legal advice as well as issues visas for traveling to Germany.

The following directory provides you with an overview of our services and information. In case you need further assistance please contact the German Institute directly.

Consular services:



Apostille and Legalisation

Authentication of documents

Certificate of good conduct (Führungszeugnis)

Certification of a signature

Customs information / VAT refund

Driver's license in Germany

Elections in Germany / Voting in German elections (in german only)


Import of pets into Germany

Inheritance matters


Legalisation of foreign documents

Life certificate (Lebensbescheinigung)



Registrations of German nationals

Signature certification


VAT refund in Germany

VAT-refund for Taiwanese and German companies


Voting in German elections (in german only)

Formal Obligations

Please note that the German Institute Taipei does no longer issue any formal obligations for visa purposes!

Alternative ways to provide evidence during the visa application process that you have adequate financial resources are indicated in the relevant information sheets of the various visa categories.

Citizen Services: Now Online Registration for Appointments!

For  Citizen Services a prior appointment is required. Appointments can be made electronically by clicking this link.