Using a Taiwanese driver's license in Germany

A national or an international Taiwanese driver's license is valid for automobile use up to six months starting from the day of your arrival in Germany.
In special cases this period can be extended up to another 6 months if a written application is filed with the local Department of Motor Vehicles and the stay in Germany does not exceed a total of 12 months.

When using an international driver licence you are still required to keep with you the national driver licence.

If Germany is to be your main place of residence or if you stay in Germany for more than 12 months, than the Taiwanese national or international driver licence can be used only for six months and can not be extended. You are than required to change your Taiwanese driver's license to a German license. While the written test is waived, you are required to pass a driving test.

Please note that this regulation only applies to an automobile driver's license.