Bilateral cultural relations

Curently, cooperation partnerships exist between 161 Taiwanese and German higher education institutions. About 1,300 Taiwanese students are studying in Germany, and this number is increasing. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) maintains an Information Centre (IC) in Taipei. There are 2  DAAD lectors for German language and literature working at Taiwanese universities.

As early as 1964, a German cultural centre (Goethe Institute) was set up in Taipei, providing language instruction and organizing cultural events. The German school section of the Taipei European School shares a Euro-Campus with the British and French school sections.

Goethe-Institute Taipei

The German Cultural Center Taipei organizes a large variety of cultural events. It also offers German courses on in levels.


The DAAD Information Office in Taipei is a branch of the German Academic Exchange Office. The DAAD-IC offers a wide range of information about study in Germany.

German school in Taipei

The German school in Taipei is a section of the Taipei European School TES.

Bilateral cultural relations

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