Germany as a tourist destination

Altstadt mit Burgberg, St. Wiperti und Münzenberg in Quedlinburg Enlarge image (© DZT/Eric Eichberger)
Limburg, Deutschland

Visiting Germany

Curious about the country and the people? Discover Germany on your trip through various regions, and enjoy everything from the exciting hustle and bustle of the large cities to the cultural wonders. Encounter a very special part of Europe!

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Essen in Deutschland

Food, Wine & Beer

Great cuisine, fine wines, and excellent beers form an integral aspect of life in Germany. While one can still enjoy traditional regional cuisine, food in Germany has also become more varied and creat...

Germany as a tourist destination

Potsdam: Schloss Babelsberg

German Railway - Deutsche Bahn

You can start planning your trip to Germany now with Deutsche Bahn's online timetables.  Germany's modern and efficient national railway takes you to most towns and cities in style and comfort.